Covid update

Boris Johnson was very clear in his statement today, the 12 July, that the pandemic is not over and that we must all proceed with absolute caution. 

We have always had an obligation under ‘duty of care’ to ensure the risk assessment of our business reflects the importance we place on the health, safety and hygiene of our businesses, premises, customers and staff and as such following the Prime Ministers statement, this ‘duty of care’ should still be uppermost in our minds.

The last thing our sector needs is any further lockdowns, so taking care now and in the future is extremely important.

We at R & A Fullerhairworld will continue with our ‘Duty of Care’ as we have from the very beginning of the Pandemic. We look forward to your visits and want you to feel safe and secure in knowing that we care as much as you.

We are an industry that throughout the pandemic has always wanted to do ‘the right thing’ and whilst legislation will no longer be in place, we as hair professionals still need to be cautious in the way we move out of the rule of law and into us all taking personal responsibility extremely seriously.

So, face masks etc at the ready. See you all soon.