R&A Fuller Hair World - Established 1999

Grand Opening 1999

Leading specialists in haircare, design, and hair replacement since 1999

Award-winning husband and wife team, Rene and Adrian Fuller have been providing years of design excellence at their cutting edge salon in Horsforth, Leeds.

Adrian, who has over 40 years of professional experience within the industry, has won more than 50 British awards, 30 International awards and World Championships making him the UK’s first overall men’s World Champion with six titles.

Rene has also won the L’Oreal Colour Trophy and competed nationally, winning awards in all aspects of ladies hairdressing. As tutor to the craft she has trained many hairstylists resulting in fully qualified, confident and capable professional stylists. Also a demonstrator for the profession and specialising in advanced colouring and Perming techniques.

They are a winning team of talent and experience leading a salon for the truly discerning client.

Rene and Adrian offer a personal and confidential hair replacement service, providing an informative and helpful consultation in complete privacy, putting individuals minds at rest as to the process of hair loss and how best to combat and deal with this most emotional time. Helping people to understand the effects of chemo/radio therapy on their hair and knowing what options there are available - hairpieces, wigs, non-surgical and bespoke customised hair grafts, help them to adopt a positive outlook and accept the hair loss, making the transition go smoothly and effectively, giving confidence in times of need.

Their stylists offer the best in cut and design using top quality hair treatments and products - which are available at the salon. The creative design of R & A Fuller Hairworld attracts men and women from across the country, with clients travelling miles for the unmistakeable ‘Fuller Look’.

The Town Street salon has a five star rating in the Good Salon Guide making it the continuing choice of refined clients.