COVID 19 update 

Hi, Thankyou for being there for us. I'm ok and Robert is great too x 

We are having a meeting today to get the app system going. 

How we are working it is on a rolling appointment system. 

This means we pick up exactly as we left off. Week one will be a repeat of the week we broke up etc. All being well we are also doing shifts/longer hours/ more days.

Please be patient with us, we will do our best. There are a lot of rules and regs for us to be able to provide a service. It will not be what we are all used to! 

We have been preparing behind the scenes, I want to make sure that our Salon runs efficiently and effectively as it always has, but with more attention to the Health and Safety aspect of Covid 19.

I have no choice in this, it is what has to be. 

More updates coming!

We look forward to seeing you soon and Thankyou so much for your support xxx

Rene x